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SAGE Software Installation

Case Study 1

Company A (a retailing business) using Sage who had got into a mess and were unable to reconcile their bank accounts or to make any use of the data they had.

I provided one to one training for key accounts staff at a pace designed to suit the experience and technical ability of the staff concerned. The company has now expanded to a group of companies using Sage for accounts, payroll and stock control. One of the businesses is involved in importing goods from companies both within and outside of the EU. Their Sage has been set up in such a way that they are able to easily produce quarterly VAT and intrastat reports straight from their Sage data.

Both of the above are locally based businesses with turnover in excess of £1M, dealing with suppliers inside and outside of the EU. References are available on request.
If you are interested in starting to use (or alreading using but struggling with) Sage software give me a call for a free initial consultation to see how I can help your business. 

If you are thinking of, or having difficulty with, transferring your accounts onto Sage software I can help you. I have assisted a number of clients either installing a computerised accounts package for the first time or helping those having problems using existing Sage software packages.
My services include transferring any current data and giving training on how to use your new software, tailoring the service to match the experience and technical knowledge of you and your staff.
I will also analyse your data and help you sort out any problems you may have encountered if you have got your Sage data into a mess.
I also offer ongoing support to enable you peace of mind that you have help and support on an on-going basis for as long as you feel necessary. 

Case Study 2

Company B (a manufacturing business) had trouble with their existing accounting software and were looking to move their data onto Sage.

I was able to advise them which Sage software best suited their needs, help them import their existing data and gave them set up advice so that the software effectively sorted data as they required it. Support was again done on a one to one basis with on-going phone helpline support given for adhoc queries as they arise.